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The importance of Bail and anticipatory bail
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Freedom should be the fundamental right of any individual. Though, everyone should respect other’s rights of freedom as well and one should not harm another person physically or making any damage to their property.

If someone does such thing and got arrested, it deprives that person of freedom.Bail is designed to avoid police custody during trials also ensuring the defendant’s appearance in court hearings.

Introduction to bail


Bail can be considered as temporary release of a defendant who awaits trial. Sometimes, a defendant can obtain bail in exchange of money, promising to return on scheduled date for court hearings.The defendant can also pledge or give cash, bond or even property to the court. Bail helps the defendant to avoid incarceration, securing release of an accused.

The concept of bail in law can also be referred as understanding between the defendant and the court, making sure the suspect’s return for future trials as well as other court appearances as required.If the judge think that the accused has no flight risk, he or she can grant bail and the suspect is released from the custody.


Various bails


Every suspect whether civil or criminal can apply for bail, excepting the person who has strong criminal history or someone with flight risk. If the court thinks that there is a chance that the accused will intimidate the witness then it might not grant bail to that suspect as well.

Interim bail can be obtain before the prosecution’s hearing

Permanent bail can be obtained after the petitioner and prosecution’s hearing and as the name suggests it is permanent

If the court thinks that the case is falsely structured and the accused is not involved as well as arrest can harm the suspect’s honor they can grant Bail before arrest


What is an anticipatory bail?


Want to know about Anticipatory bail Delhi? Read the following with care.

If the offense is cognizable and the suspect fears arrest rightfully then the anticipatory bail comes into the scene. Bail is the way to get relief legally, bringing temporary release until the case concluded. If the allegation is not that intense then the suspect can avoid his or arrest.  Anticipatory bail plays the role of a reliever in criminal cases such as dowry.



One can apply for anticipatory bail even before the arrest, if they believe that bail will be out of question once they are arrested and so with legal rights they can apply in high court or even in session court.

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