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Knowing the Criminal Breach of Trust Laws


Criminal breach of trust falls under Section 405 of the Indian Penal Code 1860. This Section reads any misappropriation and making dishonest use of another’s property. Criminal breach of trust and criminal misappropriation falls under Section 403 and you need to find an expert lawyer who handles the case in the right way. For eg: You lend a car to your friend for personal use. Butt your friend is using the car for carrying illegal goods like ivory. Here, your friend is accused of criminal breach of trust.

Essential Features of the Offense of Criminal Breach


The features, which are necessary are:

  • The accused needs to be entrusted with the property.
  • The person entrusted must have used the property.
  • The accused must dishonestly use the property violating the interest of the owner.

If all the above-mentioned things are involved then it falls under the proposed section and a lawyer would analyze the whole case before coming up to a conclusion. The term ‘entrusted’ means that you handover your property to another person who receives the property in a legal sense of trust. Now, if a person breaches the trust then he is accused of the criminal breach of trust and the owner can file a case against him/her.


Punishment for Criminal Breach of Trust


The punishment for criminal breach of trust is imprisonment for up to 3 years along with fine. The complainant needs to proof the guilt in order to prosecute the offender. Hence, you need to find an expert lawyer who has ample knowledge in this field. Nowadays, you can find several law firms from where you can hire a lawyer who comes up with good suggestions. It makes you feel confident and thus you lead a better way of life.


Choosing the Lawyer


First, you need to find a reputed law firm from where you can hire the lawyer who takes care of all your needs. You can go through the online reviews that aid you to choose the ideal option fulfilling your specifications. The lawyer needs to represent the case in the right way and you can thus handle the things in your way.


Simply, you have to explain the case in detail and you can now comprehend how a lawyer helps you to live life once again. It’s important the laws for breach of trust and thus you can get rid of all the worries knowing that you are in safe hands.

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