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An FIR Helps in Getting Justice in the Court

Are you concerned about law and order? There are various crimes that a society faces day in day outand that is why we need different types of police service as well as lawyers. They have the responsibility for solving the crime by gathering important evidences and create situations so the offender gets proper judgment.If you are a victim of a criminal offence the first step is to approach to police. You can file a FIR against the person that helps you to get justice in the court.


An FIR Helps in Getting Justice in the Court

Definition of criminal law


Criminal laws are established by the government in order to prohibit conduct of any act that can threaten or even harm safety of the subjects of any state and there are punishments for every crime also established by the government to safeguard their people.

Criminal laws are applied to the acts that are violated by criminal manners, such offenses that are against any particular state. The punishment depends on the nature of the crime. Felonies and misdemeanors are the two-general category of crimes.

What is FIR?


FIR stands for first information report. It is the information usually given to on-duty policewho records it by the offender about the crime happened to them. FIR can be considered as the first step to start the legal procedure that will follow criminal laws of any state or country. In order to register a FIR, there are some directions to follow given by the Supreme Court.



Evidence can be considered as raw materials, generating proof and helping the judge for reaching findings of the facts also known as principle facts.

The criminal court uses circumstantial evidences and cultivatesthem with reasoning, deciding the accused person’s fate. Circumstantial evidences can help the investigation to move forward.

The importance of a criminal lawyer


If you are unfortunately accused for some crime but you are confident at the same time about your innocence, then you will definitely want to avoid troubles that come with the charge which will damage your life. A criminal lawyer can save you from destroying your professional as well as personal life.


Criminal lawyers are experts and they have strong knowledge about criminal laws. They will guide you through their legal expertise, help you getting bail and lowering the penalties and preserve your interests. They collect evidences as well as protect them so any external force can’t manipulate the information.

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