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Who is a criminal lawyer and what are the roles they play?
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The person, who practices law, having a license that gives them the permission for doing so under a specific jurisdiction, can be considered as a criminal lawyer. Usually, they represent their clients or defendants in criminal court when legal trials happen and try to obtain the best result on behalf of their client.

Crime Revision Lawyers

The High Court sometimes revises the criminal laws and the Supreme takes the final decision. It is accompanied by an affidavit that supports the application and it’s relevant then the revised law becomes applicable.

Defending a guilty person


If a criminal attorney thinks or knows that the accused is guilty, they can still take his or her case, it completely depends on that particular lawyer.  There is no written or un-written rule to follow. It can be said that criminal attorneys are not concerned about passing moral judgment rather they are more focused on defending the defendant they are hired for and they try to give their best.

Top secret


Keep in mind that information related to the case should be confidential and the criminal attorney is responsible to keep them private. Confidentiality is the most important things that an attorney provides their clients, making the defendant comfortable and honest with the lawyer. Proper and detailed information helps the lawyer to give the proper legal advice as well as provide legal counsel.

Though the lawyer can share your information for:

  • Preventing someone’s death
  • Preventing their client from doing a crime
  • Securing other attorney’s advice
  • Defending themselves from get accused of conducting wrong

What they do?


Each criminal case has unique circumstances and so the way of handling those cases are different. Generally, a criminal lawyer do various work while representing their client in the court. Some cases may be simple, but still the attorney does it with complete dedication, they attend every court trials arguing with prosecution as well as making a strong case for the defendant to the jury or judge and much more.

The first step will be consulting you their client as well as discussing every detail of the case. Then giving the defendant an idea regarding the consequences they are facing, suggesting how they can help. While they work on their client’s case they will:

  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • Select witnesses for trials
  • Meet the judge even the prosecution for discussing the case
  • Compile evidence in the defendant’s favor
  • Do legal research
  • Motion to dismiss the case before it goes to trial

When the prosecution is unbeatable the defendant can plead guilty, and the criminal lawyer can get the defendant the most possible and favorable plea deal.

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