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Knowing the Phases of Criminal Trial Analyzing the Statements
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A criminal lawyer takes great responsibility and representstheir client in the court with undeniable seriousness. They are dedicated towards their occupation and try to defend people charged under criminal jurisdiction.

Law of criminal trial

Phases of a Criminal Trial


There are total six phases of criminal trial:

  • It’s important to choose jury
  • Setting the opening statements
  • Witnessing and cross-examining the statements
  • Closing the arguments
  • Following jury instruction
  • Jury negotiation and judgement

Avoid stress and save time


Law can change and with that issues with complexity can arise. Conducting a criminal case involves lots of experience and understanding of various criminal laws. And if you want to avoid loads of stress and worry, then you must consider about hiring an expert attorney who can handle your case and save time as well as help you not being disrupted in life.

Reducing exposure


If you are not represented by a professional criminal lawyer, you may face some fatal outcomes that may include

  • You can be charged falsely or incorrectly
  • The court can establish you as guilty while you are not
  • Imprisonment which you do not deserve
  • Fail to obtain a driving license but need it badly to survive
  • Face difficulties while applying for a job

The above-mentioned outcomes can be avoided by hiring a criminal lawyer who has experience and unique approach. If you attain consultation initially from an expert criminal lawyer, you will certainly understand the significant necessity of hiring them.

Guide for interviews


After the arrest the police will ask you for participating in an interview that will be conducted by the police which can be a critical situation for you as you are not used to deal with police.You may be worried while interacting with police in jail custody and also doubtful about what you should say.Engaging a criminal lawyer is a very good idea, as they will inform you about the rights you have legally which can help you in this course.


Proper application for bail


After being accused you will need to go through legal trials in order to come to a conclusion, in this mean time you probably won’t like to stay in jail, as the trials can take long time. If the court refuses your bail, unless there is a change in circumstances you won’t get the chance to apply for bail to that court again. An expert attorney is capable of making proper application for your bail so it can’t be refused by the court.

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Note: If the prosecution’s case has some weaknesses as well as some deficiencies, a criminal expert is capable of identifying even before the trial starts.