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Knowing the Important Facts on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may include various abusive manifestations and it is quite important to understand the definition of it, as proper knowledge can make one able for taking better decisions as well as act more effectively.

It is possible that as a victim you can’t even realize that the cruel or undesirable behavior that you have experienced can be considered as domestic violence. So, there is no chance that you will take some serious action against the abuser.

If there is a friend or any close person or relatives who have a good understanding of laws and regulations regarding domestic violence, they can certainly help you if they want to.


Different abusive manifestation


  • If an individual or a group of peoplehits, bites,slaps, batters or even shoves some other individual or a group of individuals, it will be categorized as abuse in physical mean. If someone violates the rules for medical treatments and someone forces to use drugs or alcohol that too will be included in this category.
  • When an abuser tries to force a victim to have sex or sexual interaction without having the consent of that victim, it is categorized as abuse in sexual mean. Marital rape is an important example of this kind of Domestic violence case.
  • If someone tries to demoralize you that lead you to lose self esteem as well as tries to destroythe self-worth thatwill be categorized as abuse in emotional mean. It can take various forms such as criticizing constantly, trying to injure the relationships between the victim and his or her children or even trying to interfere with the abilities of the victim.
  • When an abuser intimidates you or threats you that he or she will hurt himself or herself physically or you, your family, beloved someone or even your pet, that will be considered as abuse in psychological mean.
  • When someone spying on you, keeping a constant watch on you, harass you, send gifts to you, collect information about you, call you over and over, leave you messages in written, suddenly appear at your home or even where you work, will be categorized a abuse in stalking mean.



Note:Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, no matter what the background he or she belongs from. It does not matter whether they are educated or not and even the age or sexual orientation does not play any role here. For more details you can contact a Lawyer for domestic violence.

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