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The 1973 Criminal Procedure Code Includes Stages Involved in Different Criminal Trials in India

1973 Criminal Procedure Code

The Criminal Procedure Code (referred to as "CrPC" or "code") establishes the process and manner in which criminal trials in India should be handled. The code's first and most important goal is to ensure a successful trial. The code treats the defendant as innocent until he is found guilty, while also ensuring that a criminal does not roam freely without any kind of punishment. The code establishes a three-phase criminal system for determining the defendant's responsibility and punishing him. • Pre-trial • Trial • Post-trial The trial portion is the most important of them since it determines whether the accused will be sentenced or found...

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A 9-Year Old Dalit Girl Gang Rape Case – Murdered, and Cremated Immediately


Another tragic incident similar to the Hathras gang rape case was reported on August 1st, 2021 near South West Delhi. A nine-year-old Dalit girl was gang-raped, murdered, and cremated by the accused rapists near the Old Nangal village in the Delhi Cantonment area. Background On Sunday, 1st August 2021, the minor girl was playing outside when her mother asked her to bring cold water from the water cooler in the crematorium. The girl was more interested in going to the Peer Baba Dargah to play. After insisting a lot, finally, her mother was able to convince her to get cold water...

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13 Years Long Shabnam Ali And Saleem Murder Case Looks Likely to Come to A Close

Shabnam Ali (38) made headlines for all wrong reasons 13 years ago.  She could be the first Indian woman to be hanged till death in free India. In 2008, she along with her lover Saleem (36) were convicted for the gruesome murder of 7 of her family members including her 10-month old nephew. Both are currently on a death row for the cold-blooded murder. Shabnam hails from Bawankhedi, Uttarpradesh and holds a double MA in English and Geography. People who knew her personally were shell-shocked hearing about the crime. She used to work as a government school teacher and was a...

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Divorce And Legal Rights Of A Woman

Legal Rights Of A Woman Divorce

To make things somewhat less excruciating for women, the Honorable Supreme Court has cut down the cooling off period for a divorce by six months. The court ruled that now divorce can be granted to couples without the earlier provision of mandatory 18 month separation period. It means that the 18 months period can be waived off by the courts with the mutual consent of the couples. The Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act 1976 enables both parties to dissolve the marriage by mutual consent if there is no chance of reconciliation. Women can invoke maintenance rights Maintenance is an amount...

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